$990.00 $1,450.00
The new Surf is the perfect paddle board for beginners who want to start SUP surfing or for experienced paddle boarders who want to have fun in small waves or in tricky conditions. It has a compact shape with a lot of floatation, which makes it a very versatile board.

In paddling, the board flies by its flat rocker in the center. Waiting for waves in the line-up is super relaxing thanks to its relatively wide tail and tip. When surfing, it takes off quickly for its size thanks to the "swallow" tail that does not drag water. From the first break you will notice how incredibly well it works due to its natural acceleration.

Size Guide

This board maintains the essence of the ISBO shapes, keeping the rails thin so you can enter the face of the wave well and pack the most liters in a small board.

The swallowtail brings radicalness to the surf without compromising control. The round tip reduces the volume which facilitates carving by lightening the first part of the board.

The outline of the Surf is more compact than those in its category. The rocker is flat in the center and faster at the ends of the board with a single concave that turns into a double to end in a slight V in the tail allowing you to achieve great speed even in small waves.


The Surf is built with wood sandwich for much greater resistance at the lowest possible weight.

The wood sandwich construction includes:

  • lightweight EPS
  • Light fiberglass layer
  • Wood veneer
  • Thick fiberglass layer
  • Reinforcement in the stop area with extra light fiberglass
  • Carbon fiber center strip on the bottom
  • Vaccummed at several tons of pressure

All Surf models come in a 4 + 1 configuration.

Includes the set of fins 2 + 1 FCSII

  • 4.7” sides
  • 6.5" drawer center

The fins are built in honeycomb covered with net fiber for greater durability.


The FCS handle is super comfortable, ergonomic and small so as not to affect the foot position. Additionally, it incorporates a goretex screw that allows automatic ventilation, relieving the need to open and close it.

Traction Pad

The EVA deck design on the Pro Surf includes a diamond cutout and micro dot embossing to offer the best grip without sacrificing comfort. The arch in the tail improves the sensitivity in the foot t and the cuts allow to optimize the weight of the board.