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Get to know our new paddleboards designed to elevate your experience at the ocean.



Welcome to ISBO

We created ISBO with the intention of being part of an inclusive and borderless community made up of those who, at some point in their lives, discovered the sea and fell in love with it. We are a group of passionate people who create high-quality products to pay homage to the sea, waves, surf and nature.



The SUP Surf evolution

The new Pro Surf

Our high performance paddle board specially designed for competitive SUP surfing
All about performance

Crafted to shred

The Pro Surf is just like riding a shortboard
compact, stable, floaty

The new Surf

Introducing the paddleboard designed to start SUP surfing
More volume in less size

Performance in small waves

The Surf offers high maneuverability and speed
The easiest way to get into SUP

A truly All Around

The paddle board designed mainly for beginners who want to go cruising.


Always in search.

Those of us who are from the sea was because once we dared to explore something that in the end changed our lives.

Passion for detail

We seek perfection in every line with skill, patience and care because every milimeter counts. Each fiber glass layer, with a reason for being, seeks the perfect balance between weight and resistance, knowing that all the effort will pay off in the water.

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