Pro Surf


The new Pro Surf is our high performance paddle board designed exclusively for competitive SUP surfing. Its modern shape is the closest thing to surfing a shortboard thanks to its responsiveness and speed allowing you to achieve more radical maneuvers with greater ease.

Size Guide

The shape of the Pro Surf seeks a balance between the ability to paddle and the maneuverability of the board.

It includes an accelerated rocker in the nose and tail and flat in the center to get greater speed. It has a marked single concave that becomes a double concave ending with a slight V in the tail.

It has a balanced rail-to-rail outline with a little more volume in the front part of the board and less towards the tail for more sensitivity.

What sets this board apart is its thinner rails compared to its class for greater sensitivity and response.


The Pro Surf is built with wood sandwich for much greater resistance at the lowest possible weight.

The wood sandwich construction includes:

  • Ultralight EPS
  • Light fiberglass layer
  • Wood veneer
  • Thick fiberglass layer
  • Reinforcement in the stop area with extra light fiberglass
  • Carbon fiber center strip on the bottom
  • Vaccummed at several tons of pressure

All Pro Surf models come in a 2+1 configuration. Includes the set of 3 fins:

  • 2 sides of 4.7”
  • 1 4.7" central drawer

The fins are built in honeycomb covered with net fiber for greater durability.


The FCS handle is super comfortable, ergonomic and small so as not to affect the foot position. Additionally, it incorporates a goretex screw that allows automatic ventilation, relieving the need to open and close it.

Traction Pad

The EVA deck design on the Pro Surf includes a diamond cutout and micro dot embossing to offer the best grip without sacrificing comfort. The arch in the tail improves the sensitivity in the foot and the cuts allow to optimize the weight of the board.

Pro Surf - 7'6" is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.