What do we stand up for?

ISBO was created by a group of professionals and Stand Up Paddle & Surf enthusiasts who share their passion for the sea, photography, design and boards.

Just as the sea transformed our lives, we want it to do the same to our users, inspiring them to stand on a board, discover nature, the energy it injects and, from there, change their lifestyle.

We strive to make stand up paddle and surfing easy. We simplify our product line and focus on what you really need to enjoy nature, designing high-quality, high-performance products and accessories to make the most of them.

See you in the water!

Our team

Gianfranco Polastri Fundador ISBO

Gianfranco Polastri

Founder, entrepreneur, SUP Surfer
Gonzalo Iglesias Co-fundador ISBO

Gonzalo Iglesias

Co-founder, Film maker, SUP Surfer
Eric Barclay diseñador shaper

Eric Barclay

Shaper, Industrial Designer, Surfer