Carbon 30


The Carbon 30 is a three-piece adjustable paddle designed for SUP Surfing and cruising. It is the perfect paddle for someone who is looking for a very light paddle that can be adjusted to the rider's height.

Includes UNTWIST System that consists of a channel in the extension that ensures that the handle and blade are always correctly aligned. Row calmly that the handle will not move.


The U-shaped blade design allows you to capture more water in a small area, achieving greater power, control and efficiency.

The handle is ergonomic in the shape of a T allowing more grip and comfort.


The paddle is super light and resistant due to its 3K Prepreg carbon fiber construction, PVC core, and ABS edges for greater durability of the rails.

Handle: 30% 3K carbon fiber

Tube: 30% 3K carbon fiber

Blade: 30% 3K carbon fiber


Length: 48cm

Width: 17cm

Area: 86 in²

Weight: 680gm

Angle: 9°